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the roadtrip

 the roadtrip:

it is a true story.

the roadtrip is the untooled

(read: slightly edited)


between two strangers.

it became our story.

and then

it became this play.


 "censoring?," you ask.

ok...maybe a teeny weeny bit.

the entire transcript would take

twelve hours

to perform.

we took out a few hundred pages

and some uckies

so you wouldn't squirm too much.

too much information is,


too much information.

for us, the roadtrip

is personal.

our audiences tell us

it is powerful

and connects them

to their own stories.

the roadtrip is relevant.

technical requirements:

the roadtrip

is simple

and intimate.


in the potent tradition of

AR Gurney's Love Letters,

the roadtrip

a two-act play

(run-time approx 2 hours)

can be performed anywhere

with minimal technical requirements.

a play

about love and divorce, art and emptiness,

grace and loss, aging and parenthood,

& ultimately, making sense of the mess, the chaos, and the exquisiteness of life

"it's a big story!

a universal story.

perfect for people who have"

"like a

good foreign film,

this play

is not showy;

it's real.

it's about relationship. and,

like a mirror,

we could

see ourselves

in it."

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