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the blue notebook project

...right before she died, she spoke with great yearning about finding the blue notebook she called 'europe.'

we searched every nook and cranny in her home,

in her garage, in her attic, and we found it!

the very last time we saw her

she was holding the blue notebook close to her heart, waiting for a quiet time when she could open it,

re-live each moment, feel it again....

more than a memoir. write your moments.

it's fun. it's a great thing to do in group or with friends.

and, it's easy.  contact us. we'll book the date.

then, get some beverages to sip and some snacks to share.

we'll show up with plenty of blue notebooks, pens & pencils,

and teach you how to write moments you'll hold close to your heart.

bluenotebookprojectTRY2 copy.jpg
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