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coaching ~ workshops

Entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries, innovators, learners, creators, leaders, and seekers operate from a different mindset than most people; they see through different eyes." [from the introduction of The Seer]

A mindset is nothing more than a story that you tell yourself.

So, too, is an obstacle or a creative block.

Most stories, like a pilgrimage, begin with a goal.

Stories can be clarified or rewritten.

New stories can be created and lived.

I can help.


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coaching for personal or professional life

practical and effective, coaching clarifies direction and goals and seeks to eliminate the blocks each of us place in our own way

coaching creates clear actions to attain your vision and provides objective and supportive accountability so necessary for movement

coaching pops open your vision to see and reach what you may have yet to imagine

~45 minute sessions

~scheduled according to your needs

~email support

contact me for pricing & packages

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 THE SEER is a useful resource

& is available

for personal, professional, or business coaching.

It serves as the framework for my workshops.

THE SEER is based on a practical process developed over years of working with entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, seekers and change-makers in for-profit and non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

The 9 Recognitions of THE SEER apply

to cultural & organizational narratives as well as to the stories individuals tell themselves.

a 10 week tele-class variation available and recommended for groups to work through

THE SEER in a group coaching process [minimum of 10 participants]

contact me to discuss the possibilities

consulting services

limited consulting available

contact me to discuss the possiblilities.

workshops for your group or organization


boil it down to an essence - the groups i have guided, the workshops and retreats I have led - and what I facilitate are perspective shifts. it's the process outlined in THE SEER.

seeing differently is at the heart of diversity issues, change necessities, growth initiatives,

"thinking outside of the box", entrepreneurism, creativity...personal growth. it is freeing a stuck mind-set.

workshops are practical, experiential and effective. perspective shifts are not intellectual exercises, they are dynamic processes. it's like riding a bike: you can talk about it forever or you can get on and learn to ride.

~one or three day workshops available ~targeted areas of focus according to your need


contact me for pricing & schedule.

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