david robinson

I coach coaches. I coach teachers. I help speakers become better speakers and facilitators create more active experiences. I work in corporate, non-profit and academic environments with people who share this common attribute: they believe their work is making a better world.


My coaching clients include executives, entrepreneurs, teachers, trainers, artists:  dynamic, curious ordinary people,  just like you.

“David Robinson is a gift. If you have worked with him as a consultant, coach, facilitator, artist, director, collaborator, or performer, or have known him as a friend, then you know this already.” ~Alan Seale



From The Seer:

Growth is never in the direction of knowing; it is a prerequisite of learning that you do not know.


Let yourself learn. Stop protecting yourself from growth and step with honest intention into the truth: you do not know. So, practice the truth. Practice “not knowing.” 


“David Robinson is the Master of Seeing that I have sought for forty years. His way of seeing and his way of translating the knowledge of those of us hobbled with left-brain

thinking is a delight to experience.

Enjoy the journey as this master executive coach shares what it means to 'see' the path....”  ~Skip Walter

The 9 Recognitions that comprise The Seer serve as the framework for my teaching, speaking, coaching & consulting.  Give it a read.  

"This book is brilliant! It is packed with so many powerful insights, personal stories and practical exercises. I'm excited to share and discuss all the beautiful AHA's

that it triggered." ~Mark Vandeneijnde, Co-Founder at BEING at Full Potential

"Thank you for creating "The Seer".  I am seeing amazing results with a great deal of my clients....  Your work is exceptionally easy for my clients to understand and start putting into action in their lives right away."

~ Tom Ellis, Tom Ellis Life Coaching

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