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book [verb]: reserve. buy in advance.

hire [verb]: employ (us) for wages.

buy [verb]: obtain in exchange for payment.

this is just out from AARP and we couldn't agree more:

"The coolest concert [and event] venue may just be your living room."

it's easy: contact us. gather your friends. get wine and snacks, and let's have fun.

fun stuff to do

ukuleles copy.jpg


things that go great together:

good friends, good wine,

& a ukulele lesson.

learn more here

bluenotebookprojectTRY2 copy.jpg


we call it the blue notebook project.

more than a memoir.

have a good time while learning to write your moments.

learn more here

fun stuff to engage

fun stuff to see

Kerri B&W-1.jpg
ddot by ocean_edited.jpg

coaching & workshops

house concerts

more things that go great together:

kerri, a piano, stories, and song.

learn more here


david's book, the seer, is the framework

for his coaching & workshops.

learn more here

ROADtripScreen Shot 1.png

and still more things that go great together:

your goal & david's guidance

learn more here

the roadtrip

a true story. a two person play

of quiet hope and the surprise arrival

of life's second chances.

learn more here

the doorway in SQ PILLOW copy.png
forever and ever RECT PILLOW copy.png
organ pipes leggings copy.png

wall art & murals ~ apparel ~ pillows & bedding

~ mugs ~ gift cards ~ bags & totes ~ tech

~ home decor ~ towels & bath

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